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State 1st: Adam Mattin (Delta) Sophomore

State 2nd: Parker Pikor (Lake Catholic) Junior

State 3rd: Scott Fuller (Genoa) Freshman

State 4th: Braedyn Tammarine (Liberty Center) Freshman

State 6th: Kaden Lawson (Tuslaw) Freshman

State 7th: Johnathan Huntsman (Barnesville) Junior

State 8th: Stephen Patterson (Waynedale) Freshman


1-2 at State: Trey Huber (Versailles) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Hayden Jones (Brookville) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Nolan Fraley (Mechanicsburg) Sophomore (Entered as State Alternate)


0-2 at State: Gavin Bolock (Union Local) Junior

0-2 at State: Mason Miller (Archbold) Junior

0-2 at State: Ethan Cantrell (West Union) Sophomore


SQ/DNW at State: Brady Carr (Northmor) Freshman


Rossford 5th: Joey Judge (Oak Harbor) Freshman

Troy 5th: Ke'Shawn Blackwell (Indian Lake) Freshman


Rossford 6th: Xander Gfell-King (Milan Edison) Freshman

Troy 6th: Carson Taylor (Covington) Junior






State 1st: Abe Hermes (Milan Edison) Freshman

State 2nd: Eli Campbell (Legacy Christian) Junior

State 3rd: Logan Dean (Bethel-Tate) Junior

State 5th: Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) Junior

State 6th: CJ Graham (Fairland) Sophomore

State 8th: Tyler Barnes (Delta) Freshman


1-2 at State: Ben Pierce (Chippewa) Freshman

1-2 at State: Sulaiman Muhammed (Dayton Northridge) Freshman

1-2 at State: Colin Hering (Berkshire) Junior


0-2 at State: Tanner Allen (Alexander) Junior

0-2 at State: Josh Cornell (Port Clinton) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Bodee Miller (Oak Harbor) Freshman

0-2 at State: Will McEwuen (Rootstown) Junior


Perry 5th: Jayden Scott (Jackson-Milton) Sophomore

Harrison Central 5th: Ethan Amens (Northmor) Freshman


Rossford 6th: Cameron Wagers (Plymouth) Junior

Perry 6th: Dominic Kemble (Ravenna Southeast) Freshman

Harrison Central 6th: Grant Vasey (Bellaire) Sophomore






State 3rd: Trevor Wilcox (Otsego) Junior

State 4th: Joey Romano (Lake Catholic) Junior

State 5th: Nathan Attisano (Legacy Christian) Freshman

State 6th: Cowin Becker (Northmor) Sophomore


1-2 at State: Riley Rowan (Perry) Junior

1-2 at State: Michael Hagan (Covington) Junior

1-2 at State: Nolan Earles (Preble Shawnee) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Drew Matthews (Liberty Center) Junior

0-2 at State: Evan Natale (Sandy Valley) Junior

0-2 at State: Mikey Soto (Genoa) Freshman (Entered as State Alternate)


2022 State 8th: Corbin Kimmel (Wayne Trace) Sophomore (Scratched at Districts)


*SQ/DNW at State: Nicholas Parks (Seneca East) Freshman


Perry 5th: Lance Kearney (Waynedale) Freshman

Troy 5th: Tanner Sampson (Brookville) Freshman


Rossford 6th: Anthony Hernandez (Delta) Junior

Perry 6th: Logan Casto (Hanoverton United) Junior

Harrison Central 6th: Jacob Durr (Amanda-Clearcreek) Sophomore

Troy 6th: Tyler Overman (Coldwater) Sophomore






State 1st: Dillon Campbell (Legacy Christian) Junior

State 2nd: Brock Durbin (Mapleton) Junior

State 3rd: Casper Caizzo (Norwalk St. Paul) Junior

State 5th: Nathan Parks (Seneca East) Junior

State 8th: Zane Pickerrell (Zane Trace) Junior


1-2 at State: Evan Kusmits (Akron Manchester) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Hines Ford (Barnesville) Freshman

1-2 at State: JP Wrobel (Crestwood) Junior


0-2 at State: Christopher Marshall (Centerburg) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Payton Mayfield (Milton-Union) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Matthew Wheeler (Middletown Madison) Sophomore


Rossford 5th: Vince Barton (Millbury Lake) Junior

Perry 5th: Lincoln Guthrie (Norwayne) Junior

Troy 5th: Jericho Quinter (Covington) Junior


Rossford 6th: Lane Thacker (Lakota) Sophomore

Harrison Central 6th: Breyden Hill (Utica) Sophomore

Troy 6th: Kyan Hendricks (Greeneview) Sophomore






State 3rd: Dakota King (Barnesville) Junior

State 5th: Chase Vanderhorst (Covington) Junior

State 6th: Wyatt Hinton (Norwood) Junior

State 7th: Brian Luft (Newark Catholic) Junior


1-2 at State: Anden Ankney (Tinora) Junior

1-2 at State: Caden Schmeltzer (Waynedale) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Landon Lintermoot (Delta) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Treven Angus (Johnstown Northridge) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Edward Kessen (Delphos St. John's) Freshman

0-2 at State: Nick Malek (Rootstown) Sophomore


Rossford 5th: Nate Lipton (Genoa) Junior


Rossford 6th: Ethan DeTray (Oak Harbor) Sophomore

Harrison Central 6th: Jacob Hammer (Crooksville) Sophomore

Troy 6th: Czar Dickson (Indian Lake) Sophomore






State 1st: Ashton Homan (Monroeville) Junior

State 3rd: Brayden Brown (Legacy Christian) Junior

State 5th: Skyler King (Barnesville) Junior

State 8th: Jackson Bartels (Liberty Center) Sophomore


1-2 at State: Carson Campbell (Northmor) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Mark Ellis (Waynesville) Junior


0-2 at State: Caleb Ryman (Covington) Freshman

0-2 at State: Leon Harrison (Cleveland CC) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Joey McGuire (Rittman) Junior


Rossford 5th: Grant Bomer (Lakota) Sophomore


Perry 6th: Chris Bezzeg (Perry) Sophomore

Harrison Central 6th: Colton Long (Marion Elgin) Sophomore






State 1st: Brodie Dominique (Archbold) Junior

State 4th: Daxton Chase (Marion Pleasant) Junior

State 5th: Marcus Medina (Milan Edison) Junior

State 8th: TJ Wilson (Tuscarawas Valley) Junior


1-2 at State: Bodie Martin (Amanda-Clearcreek) Freshman (Entered as State Alternate)

1-2 at State: Landen Roeder (Monroeville) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Kaden Russell (Dalton) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Clayton McClain (Ada) Junior


Rossford 5th: Evan England (Mohawk) Junior

Troy 5th: Aaron Mills (Miami East) Sophomore


Rossford 6th: Cody Biddle (Lakota) Junior

Perry 6th: Cole Lewis (Waynedale) Junior

Troy 6th: Owen Fagan (Greenon) Junior






State 1st: Reese Stephen (Barnesville) Junior

State 3rd: Kohen Horvath (Milan Edison) Junior

State 4th: Tyson Seesholtz (South Range) Freshman

State 5th: Luke Dolan (Brookville) Junior

State 7th: Jacob Lyons (Tuslaw) Junior


1-2 at State: Kaiden Luikart (Marion Elgin) Junior

1-2 at State: Will Bischoff (Seneca East) Junior

1-2 at State: Peyton Beavers (Amanda-Clearcreek) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Kyle Langdon (Deer Park) Junior

0-2 at State: Zeran Brady (Valley View) Junior

0-2 at State: Levi Collins (Waynesville) Sophomore


Perry 5th: Robert McCrork (Waynedale) Sophomore

Troy 5th: Quentin Grillot (Versailles) Sophomore


Rossford 6th: Ian Grime (Archbold) Junior

Harrison Central 6th: Domonique Millender (Newcomerstown) Sophomore






State 1st: Tristin Greene (Keystone) Junior

State 4th: Tyson Clear (Malvern) Sophomore

State 5th: Ayden King (Barnesville) Sophomore

State 6th: Kasen Wellman (Ayersville) Junior

State 7th: Brencyn Evans (Monroeville) Junior

State 8th: Caylan LeMaster (Centerburg) Junior


1-2 at State: Aiden Helmke (Tinora) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Tristan McKibben (Rootstown) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Mavrick Smith (Huntington Ross) Junior


Rossford 5th: Jack Caldwell (Woodmore) Junior

Troy 5th: Logan Mershman (Columbus Grove) Junior


Perry 6th: Domenick LaMacchia (Perry) Junior






State 4th: Braxton Quaintance (Lakota) Sophomore

State 6th: Gage Bolt (Westfall) Junior


1-2 at State: Rod Owens (Kettering Alter) Freshman

1-2 at State: Trenton Gatchell (Allen East) Junior

1-2 at State: Gabe Bissenbach (Southern Local) Junior


0-2 at State: Michael Osborne (Versailles) Junior

0-2 at State: Karson Milhoan (Barnesville) Junior


Rossford 5th: Grant Richardson (Evergreen) Junior

Perry 5th: Greyson Siders (Dalton) Junior

Troy 5th: Hunter Randall (Miami East) Junior


Rossford 6th: Collin Wagner (Van Buren) Junior

Harrison Central 6th: Evan Montgomery (Bishop Ready) Sophomore

Troy 6th: Will Callicoat (Fairland) Sophomore






State 1st: Xander Myers (Liberty Center) Junior

State 7th: Riley Stevenson (Preble Shawnee) Junior

State 8th: Austin Sellers (Dayton Christian) Junior


1-2 at State: Bryce Wickline (Westfall) Junior

1-2 at State: Brandon Bruce-Bey (Clevreland CC) Junior


0-2 at State: Nels Van Gundy (Marion Elgin) Junior


Rossford 5th: Gabe Garlick (Lakota) Junior

Perry 5th: Jack Waldron (Orrville) Junior

Harrison Central 5th: Morgan Breniser (Huntington Ross) Junior

Troy 5th: Awsom Mitchell (Triad) Sophomore


Troy 6th: Kyle Lathrop (Columbus Grove) Junior






State 1st: Keegan Sell (Garrettsville Garfield) Sophomore

State 2nd: Wyat Ripke (Archbold) Junior

State 3rd: Abe DeLano (Ayersville) Junior

State 4th: Ronnie Thomas (Mechanicsburg) Sophomore

State 5th: Connor Sintobin (Delta) Sophomore


1-2 at State: Blake Elliot (East Knox) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Owen Pummel (Indian Lake) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Drake Bennett (Miami East) Junior

0-2 at State: Maddox Jurek (Spencerville) Junior


Rossford 5th: Gavin Bowers (Tinora) Junior

Perry 5th: Luke Starkey (South Range) Sophomore






State 2nd: Lucas Thomas (Harrison Central) Junior

State 8th: Caleb Cunningham (Ashland Crestview) Junior


0-2 at State: Zach Babiczuk (Malvern) Junior

0-2 at State: Ethan Crawford (Genoa) Junior

0-2 at State: Julien Griffith (Marion Pleasant) Junior


Rossford 5th: Owen DeWeese (McComb) Junior

Harrison Central 5th: Judson Cooper (Waterford) Junior


Rossford 6th: Brycen Dunlap (Monroeville) Freshman






State 2nd: Dallas McCracken (Hanoverton United) Junior

State 5th: Landen Thomas (Harrison Central) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Cooper McKean (Black River) Junior


Rossford 5th: Ethan Courtaway (Ayersville) Junior

Harrison Central 5th: Jase Norman (Caldwell) Junior

Troy 5th: Dylan Valerio (Indian Lake) Junior





Most Returning Team Points

1. Legacy Christian 79.5 pts.

2. Barnesville 76 pts.

3. Milan Edison 55 pts.

4. Archbold 45 pts.

5. Delta 43 pts.

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