Division 2 Returnees

Posted: April 4, 2018



State Champ: Jacob Decatur (CVCA) Junior

State Runner-Up: Kyle Rowan (Perry) Sophomore

State 3rd Place: Cael Woods (West Holmes) Sophomore

State 4th Place: Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville) Freshman

State 5th Place: Peyten Kellar (Vincent Warren) Freshman

State 6th Place: Payton Burgdorf (Firelands) Sophomore

State 7th Place: Michael Petrella (Bishop Hartley) Sophomore

State 8th Place: Chase Huff (Goshen) Sophomore

Consi R12: Jake Manley (Otsego) Sophomore

Consi R12: Howard Williams (East Liverpool) Freshman

Consi R12: Trace Braun (Graham) Freshman

Consi R12: Kaleb Ream (Springfield Shawnee) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Rico Cunningham (Sandusky) Sophomore

0-2 Record @ State: Ethan Fletcher (Canfied) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Caleb Hernandez (Napoleon) Junior

District 5th @ Alliance: Jason Mayes (Jefferson Area) Junior

District 5th @ Claymont: Blake Sheppard (New Lexington) Sophomore

District 5th @ Wilmington: Andrew Stachler (Greenville) Sophomore

District 6th @ Norwalk: Max Oprzadek (Sandusky Perkins) Freshman

District 6th @ Alliance: Dierre Clayton (Akron SVSM) Freshman

District 6th @ Wilmington: Jorden Zigo (Trotwood-Madison) Sophomore

Other: Aaron Ferguson (Steubenville) Freshman – 2017 OAC JH State Placer (Missed entire season due to injury)


State Champ: Tanner Jordan (Graham) Junior

State Runner-Up: Cole McComas (Beaver Local) Sophomore

State 4th Place: Christian Wayt (West Branch) Junior

State 5th Place: Gavin Ritter (Wauseon) Junior

State 6th Place: Tyler Masters (West Holmes) Sophomore

State 7th Place: Peyton Blasko (Steubenville) Junior

State 8th Place: Jake Hamulak (Chardon) Sophomore

Consi R12: Trey Finnerty (Circleville) Sophomore

Consi R12: Josh Dunn (Goshen) Sophomore

Consi R12: Jimmy Balazy (Padua Franciscan) Junior

Consi R12: Anthony Ashley (Medina Buckeye) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Jameson Mullens (Port Clinton) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Brandon Brown (Carrollton) Freshman

District 5th @ Norwalk: Ty Spencer (Ontario) Sophomore

District 5th @ Alliance: Matthew Williams (CVCA) Sophomore

District 5th @ Claymont: Koen Kish (St. Clairsville) Freshman

District 5th @ Wilmington: Joey Dima (Valley View) Sophomore

District 6th @ Norwalk: Noah Alda (Bellevue) Sophomore

District 6th @ Alliance: Colin Koenig (Perry) Freshman

District 6th @ Claymont: Jalin Goodman (Marion-Franklin) Junior

District 6th @ Wilmington: Chanston Moll ((Westfall) Sophomore


State Runner-Up: Alek Martin (Graham) Freshman

State 6th Place: Brady O’Connor (Indian Valley) Junior

State 7th Place: Davin Rhoads (Louisville) Freshman

State 8th Place: Kyle Petersen (Aurora) Junior

Consi R12: Matt Kaufmann (Fairview) Sophomore

0-2 Record @ State: Carter Kroll (Ontario) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Tyler Muldrew (Steubenville) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Keegan Kohler (Fairfield Union) Sophomore

District 5th @ Norwalk: James Batesole (Clyde) Sophomore

District 5th @ Claymont: Terry Gatrell (Meadowbrook) Junior

District 5th @ Wilmington: Gaige Reeves (Bellefontaine) Junior

District 6th @ Norwalk: David Ocasio (Brookside) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Johnny Wayslaw (Geneva) Sophomore

District 6th @ Claymont: Robbie Hoopes (Carrollton) Sophomore

District 6th @ Wilmington: Justin Mills (Valley View) Sophomore


State Runner-Up: Nick Moore (Graham) Freshman

State 6th Place: Nolan Ray (Wauseon) Sophomore

State 8th Place: Isaiah Wortham (Dayton C-J) Sophomore

Consi R12: Logan Schoen (Sandusky Perkins) Junior

Consi R12: Dalton Burcher (Indian Valley) Junior

Consi R12: Conor McCrone (Lake Catholic) Junior

Consi R12: Douglas Terry (Granville) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Isaaiah Smith (Field) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Jordan Hoselton (Zane Trace) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Matthew Stauffer (Benedictine) Sophomore

0-2 Record @ State: Ethan Mueller (Minerva) Sophomore

District 5th @ Alliance: Hunter Olson (Akron SVSM) Junior

District 5th @ Claymont: Walker Uhl (West Holmes) Sophomore

District 5th @ Wilmington: Sean Conway (Dayton Carroll) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Danny Sinchok (CVCA) Junior

District 6th @ Wilmington: Mcale Callahan (Miami Trace) Freshman


State Champ: Jordan Decatur (CVCA) Junior

State Runner-Up: Wade Monebrake (Eaton) Junior

State 4th Place: Skyler Lasure (Beaver Local) Sophomore

State 5th Place: Caden Blust (Tiffin Columbian) Junior

State 6th Place: Jack Gorman (Aurora) Junior

State 7th Place: Jacson Muldrew (Steubenville) Junior

State 8th Place: Isaiah Stickley (Graham) Sophomore

Consi R12: Edward Suber (Akron SVSM) Junior

Consi R12: Adam Lenhoff (Indian Valley) Junior

Consi R12: Gabe Steyer (Van Wert) Sophomore

0-2 Record @ State: Miles Knuckles (Coventry) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Ayyoub Muhammed (Thurgood Marshall) Junior

District 6th @ Norwalk: Elijah Hunter (Sandusky) Freshman

District 6th @ Claymont: Nolan Smith (Minerva) Junior


State 5th Place: Andy Garr (Aurora) Junior

State 7th Place: Anthony Rice (Steubenville) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Dylan Dodson (Licking Valley) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Isaiah Bretz (Van Wert) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Eian Sherman (Sandusky) Junior

District 5th @ Norwalk: Jakob Koleszar (Vermilion) Junior

District 5th @ Alliance: Austin Pownall (CVCA) Freshman

District 5th @ Wilmington: Jacob Mikesell (Greenville) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Daniel Kennedy (Louisville) Freshman

District 6th @ Claymont: Evan Hertel (Minerva) Junior

District 6th @ Wilmington: Peyton Bennett (Logan Elm) Sophomore

Other: Jarret Bischoff (Wauseon) – 2017 State Placer (Reserve to State Placer Mauricio Barajas)


State Runner-Up: Ben Pasiuk (Carrollton) Junior

State 3rd Place: Jax Leonard (Louisville) Sophomore

State 4th Place: Beau Smith (Beaver Local) Junior

State 8th Place: Sam LoFaso (Padua Franciscan) Junior

Consi R12: Jacob Potok (Akron SVSM) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Colton Turnbaugh (Ontario) Sophomore

District 5th @ Alliance: Dakota Ryan (Lake Catholic) Junior

District 5th @ Claymont: Hadyn Danals (River Valley) Freshman

District 5th @ Wilmington: Casey Washburn (New Richmond) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Sean O’Dwyer (University School) Junior

District 6th @ Claymont: Zach Walsh (Granville) Sophomore

Other: Jeffrey Thomas (Graham) Junior - 2x State Placer (Missed entire season due to injury)


State 5th Place: Will McGhee (Aurora)

Consi R12: Joey Simcoe (Tiffin Columbian) Sophomore

Consi R12: David Reinhart (Canfield) Junior

Consi R12: David Frederick (Dayton C-J) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Jared Wright (Beaver Local) Junior

District 5th @ Norwalk: John McNulty (Padua Franciscan) Junior

District 5th @ Wilmington: Logan Iams (Hamilton Ross) Junior

District 6th @ Norwalk: Nick Nietenbach (Medina Buckeye) Freshman

District 6th @ Claymont: Joey Petrella (Bishop Hartley) Sophomore


State 3rd Place: Ethan Hernandez (Norwalk) Sophomore

State 5th Place: Brandon Daniels (Carrollton) Junior

State 6th Place: Xavier Torres (Wauseon) Junior

State 7th Place: Justin Mayes (Bellevue) Freshman

State 8th Place: Wesley Pauley (Morgan) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: James Munro (Miami Trace) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Brady Oberdier (Vincent Warren) Sophomore

District 5th @ Claymont: Jacob Armstrong (Indian Valley) Sophomore

District 6th @ Alliance: Ben Cutrer (Canfield) Junior

District 6th @ Claymont: Logan Krulik (Beaver Local) Sophomore


State 3rd Place: Anthony D’Alesio (Canfield) Sophomore

State 5th Place: Cole Hivnor (Lake Catholic) Freshman

State 7th Place: John Mark Williams (Indian Hill) Junior

State 8th Place: David Tuttle (Steubenville) Sophomore

Consi R12: Lucas Salmon (Sandusky Perkins) Junior

Consi R12: Keegan VanMeter (Granville) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Trent Davis (Wauseon) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Gage Johnson (Franklin) Sophomore

0-2 Record @ State: Blake Coy (Dayton Carroll) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Hayden McGee (Maysville) Junior

District 5th @ Alliance: Richie Eyre Tallmadge) Junior

District 6th @ Norwalk: Clay Adlesh (Lima Shawnee) Junior

District 6th @ Claymont: Eric Stillion (John Glenn) Junior

Other: Mitchell Miracle (River Valley) Junior – 2017 State Qualifier (Missed second half of season due to injury)


State 4th Place: Hunter Johns (Dayton C-J) Junior

State 6th Place: Gabe Phillips (Norwalk) Sophomore

State 7th Place: Andrew Shaffer (Graham) Sophomore

Consi R12: Josh Baldridge (West Holmes) Junior

Consi R12: Kenny Marra (West Branch) Freshman

0-2 Record @ State: Nathan Snyder (Springfield Northwestern) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Cody Neece (Sheridan) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Alex Carrothers (Carrollton) Sophomore

District 5th @ Claymont: Dalton Cunningham (River View) Sophomore

District 6th @ Norwalk: Lawrence Slygh (Elida) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Nate Amato (Tallmadge) Freshman

District 6th @ Wilmington: Garrett Gross (Bellefontaine) Sophomore


State 3rd Place: Matthew Cover (Bay) Junior

State 5th Place: Nick Crawford (Canfield) Sophomore

State 8th Place: Griffin Rathburn (Bishop Hartley) Junior

Consi R12: Colin McNamara (Aurora) Junior

Consi R12: Alec Maloney (Norwalk) Sophomore

Consi R12: Owen Loughman (Sheridan) Junior

Consi R12: Bowen McConahay (Logan Elm) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Brodey Parson (Indian Valley) Junior

District 5th @ Claymont: Keith Bodnar (Steubenville) Sophomore

District 6th @ Norwalk: Aaron Harris (Wauseon) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Ben Blankenship (Tallmadge) Sophomore

District 6th @ Claymont: Sam Lowe (Beaver Local) Freshman


State Champ: Tyler Stein (Canfield) Junior

State 3rd Place: Johnny Shafer (Graham) Junior

State 6th Place: Evan Kaeck (Wapakoneta) Sophomore

Consi R12: Blake Robbins (Louisville) Sophomore

Consi R12: Ben Davis (Circleville) Junior

Consi R12: Breslin Walker (CVCA) Sophomore

0-2 Record @ State: Kole Aubiel (Claymont) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Bruno Pattison (Bellefontaine) Junior

District 5th @ Claymont: Nate Jackson (Bishop Hartley) Junior

District 5th @ Wilmington: Tom Coleman (Hamilton Ross) Junior

District 6th @ Alliance: Jacob Petit (Akron Hoban) Junior

District 6th @ Claymont: Daniel Wirth (Beaver Local) Sophomore

District 6th @ Wilmington: Jamen Hill (Dayton Carroll) Sophomore


State Champ: Jack DelGarbino (Girard) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Brenan Kneuve (Wapakoneta) Junior

0-2 Record @ State: Lane Cluff (Hillsboro) Junior

District 5th @ Norwalk: Jacob Jackson (Toledo CC) Sophomore

District 5th @ Alliance: Riley Brendle (Louisville) Junior

District 5th @ Claymont: Cole Potts (Columbus DeSales) Sophomore

District 5th @ Wilmington: Alex Coleman (Hamilton Ross) Sophomore