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State 1st: Javaan Yarbrough (Copley) Junior

State 3rd: Neal Krysty (Bishop Watterson) Sophomore

State 4th: Blake Bartos (Medina Buckeye) Freshman

State 5th: Aiden Ohl (Ontario) Freshman

State 6th: Landon Jenkins (Carrollton) Junior

State 7th: Zavian LaFountain (Wauseon) Sophomore

State 8th: Jake Landis (Graham) Freshman


1-2 at State: Dom Prosperi (Canton South Freshman

1-2 at State: Konner Blaney (Marengo Highland) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Lyric Dickerson (Miami Trace) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Marius Garcia (Bexley) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Aiden McMahon (Licking Valley) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Cody Lisle (Clinton-Massie) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Emilio Herrera (Toledo CC) Sophomore

Garfield Hts. 5th: Camryn Mitchell (Marlington) Junior

Steubenville 5th: Peyton Martin (West Holmes) Freshman


Norwalk 6th: Cohen Lewis (Bowling Green) Freshman

Garfield Hts. 6th: Aidan Carone (Streetsboro) Junior

Steubenville 6th: Dawsen Hudson (Logan Elm) Freshman

Wilmington 6th: Vitaly Cristo (Indian Hill) Sophomore






State 1st: Colyn Limbert (Medina Buckeye) Junior

State 3rd: Canaan Smith (Chillicothe) Freshman

State 4th: Tate Hisey (St. Mary's Memorial) Sophomore

State 5th: Alex Gonzales (Napoleon) Junior

State 6th: Caden Mellott (Napoleon) Freshman

State 7th: Travis Bucklew (Vinton County) Sophomore

State 8th: Anthony Rocco (Bay) Junior


1-2 at State: Rocco Czarnecki (CVCA) Freshman

1-2 at State: Kaleb Morris (Graham) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Kail Snair (Carrollton) Junior

1-2 at State: Mythias Stuckey (Wilmington) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Peyton Costa (Granville) Junior

0-2 at State: Jadon Gyan (Vandalia Butler) Junior

0-2 at State: Sawyer Smith (Sandusky Perkins) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Aiden Bean (Marlington) Sophomore


Norwalk 5th: Joseph Lugabihl (Wauseon) Freshman

Steubenville 5th: Tristian Eckles (East Liverpool) Sophomore

Wilmington 5th: Brandon Day (Springfield Shawnee) Junior


Norwalk 6th: Hunter Pollock (Clyde) Freshman

Garfield Hts. 6th: Christian Osborne (Akron STVM) Junior

Steubenville 6th: Mark Mueller (Minerva) Junior

Wilmington 6th: Mike Park (Whitehall-Yearling) Junior






State 1st: Joe Curry (Bishop Watterson) Freshman

State 5th: Gradey Harding (Galion) Freshman

State 7th: Robert Buchheit (Beaver Local) Freshman

State 8th: Jacob Ohl (Ontario) Junior


1-2 at State: Wyatt Nemitz (Sandusky Perkins) Junior

1-2 at State: James Worthington (Fairfield Union) Junior


0-2 at State: Grady Toye (West Holmes) Junior

0-2 at State: Giovanni Duniec (Padua Franciscan) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Connor Norris (Minerva) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Harrison Bohl (Napoleon) Junior

Garfield Hts. 5th: Jayson Knapp (Medina Buckeye) Junior

Steubenville 5th: Braylon Rose (Cambridge) Sophomore

Wilmington 5th: Ronald Johnson (Dayton C-J) FreshmanA


Norwalk 6th: Naszir Jackson (Marion-Franklin) Junior

Garfield Hts. 6th: Luke Stanley (Marlington) Sophomore

Steubenville 6th: Malaki Linton (Jackson) Freshman

Wilmington 6th: Trenton Moodispaugh (Jonathan Alder) Sophomore






State 2nd: Aiden King (Bishop Hartley) Sophomore

State 4th: Adam Heckman (Warren Howland) Junior

State 6th: Tyler Scharrer (Canfield) Junior

State 7th: Kolten Barker (Louisville) Junior

State 8th: Leroy Steagall (Indian Valley) Junior


1-2 at State: Cade O'Banion (Tecumseh) Junior

1-2 at State: Gavin Hoover (Logan Elm) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Levi Pidgeon (Carrollton) Junior


0-2 at State: Peyton Hoskins (Clear Fork) Junior

0-2 at State: Michael Thomas (Madison Comprehensive) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Austin Ware (Norwalk) Junior

Steubenville 5th: Phil Hash (Bidwell River Valley) Freshman

Wilmington 5th: Andy Sanchez (Granville) Sophomore


Norwalk 6th: Dawson Brimmer (Clyde) Freshman

Garfield Hts. 6th: Jack Harrison (Madison) Junior

Wilmington 6th: Carter DeMarco (Graham) Sophomore






State 1st: Brogan Tucker (Graham) Sophomore

State 4th: James Lindsay (Bishop Watterson) Sophomore

State 5th: Brody Saccoccia (Steubenville) Sophomore

State 6th: Brogan Fielding (Jefferson Area) Junior

State 8th: Mason Ducat (Defiance) Sophomore


1-2 at State: Tucker Campbell (Franklin) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Danny Beckett (Medina Buckeye) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Hunter McCluggage (West Holmes) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Jacob Johnson (Circleville) Junior


Garfield Hts. 5th: Antonio Hobbs (Benedictine) Sophomore

Steubenville 5th: Slade Armstrong (Tri-Valley) Sophomore

Wilmington 5th: Brayden Phillips (Tecumseh) Freshman


Norwalk 6th: Owen Rogers (Caledonia River Valley) Junior






State 2nd: Hayden Hughes (Graham) Junior

State 3rd: Cooper Rathburn (Bishop Hartley) Junior

State 4th: Coltyn Reedy (Sheridan) Sophomore

State 5th: Josh Carman (Carrollton) Junior

State 7th: Braden Dunlap (Akron STVM) Sophomore

State 8th: Cael Gilmore (Marengo Highland) Freshman


1-2 at State: Mason Turnbaugh (Ontario) Sophomore

1-2 at State: CJ Fisher (Clyde) Junior


0-2 at State: Kevin Williams (Firelands) Junior

0-2 at State: Gage Murphy (Reading) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Louden Dixon (West Holmes) Freshman

0-2 at State: Cal Beadling (Steubenville) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Antwain Adams (Wapakoneta) Freshman

Garfield Hts. 5th: Kyle Vencil (Ashtabula Edgewood) Junior

Wilmington 5th: Joey Love (Vandalia Butler) Sophomore


Norwalk 6th: Jordan Cook (Bryan) Sophomore

Steubenville 6th: Tyler Ulmer (New Philadelphia) Freshman

Wilmington 6th: Bobby Nolen (Hamilton Township) Junior






State 1st: Mitchell Younger (Bishop Watterson) Sophomore

State 2nd: Lance Overmyer (Clyde) Junior

State 3rd: Bryce Kohler (Graham) Sophomore

State 5th: Aidan Rush (Columbus DeSales) Junior

State 7th: Rylan Hurley (Akron STVM) Freshman

State 8th: Quake Beatty (Indian Valley) Junior


1-2 at State: Nick Brunst (Medina Buckeye) Junior

1-2 at State: Luke Kaiser (Athens) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Bronson Hertenstein (St. Mary's Memorial) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Ezekiel Williams (New Philadelphia) Junior

0-2 at State: Junior Creager (Franklin) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Julian McGinty (Ontario) Freshman

0-2 at State: Brian Denamen (West Geauga) Freshman


Norwalk 5th: Benicio Torres (Wauseon) Junior


Wilmington 6th: Brayden Deem (Eaton) Junior






State 2nd: Eli Jacks (Graham) Junior

State 3rd: PJ Murphy (Reading) Junior

State 5th: Zack Lopez (Columbus DeSales) Junior

State 6th: Savier Faulks (Steubenville) Junior

State 7th: Tristan Craddock (Cloverleaf) Junior


1-2 at State: Cohen Klimak (Streetsboro) Sophomore


0-2 at State: James Simms (Fostoria) Junior

0-2 at State: Aiden Stecker (Salem) Sophomore

0-2 at State: Asher LeBeau (Miami Trace) Junior

0-2 at State: Luke Conaway (Licking Valley) Sophomore


Steubenville 5th: Talan Bailey (Philo) Sophomore


Norwalk 6th: Braxden Martin (Sandusky Perkins) Freshman

Garfield Hts. 6th: Josh Biller (Ashtabula Edgewood) Junior

Steubenville 6th: Tanner Young (Bidwell River Valley) Freshman

Wilmington 6th: Kendal Plikerd (Benjamin Logan) Sophomore






State 1st: Kaden King (Medina Buckeye) Junior

State 3rd: Luke James (Graham) Sophomore

State 6th: Will Stanley (Clyde) Sophomore


1-2 at State: Noah Blough (Madison) Junior

1-2 at State: Hamde Bakaye (Whitehall-Yearling) Freshman


0-2 at State: Ayden Wilson (Rossford) Junior

0-2 at State: Landen Weiss (Bellbrook) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Kale Waxler (Wauseon) Sophomore

Garfield Hts. 5th: Christopher Maloney (Benedictine) Sophomore

Steubenville 5th: Ethynn Munro (Miami Trace) Sophomore

Wilmington 5th: Joel Hancock (Wyoming) Sophomore


Norwalk 6th: Cole Dille (Ontario) Junior

Garfield Hts. 6th: DeVonn Nixon (Copley) Junior






State 1st: Gunner Cramblett (Graham) Junior

State 4th: Luke Schlosser (Clear Fork) Junior

State 5th: Andrew Barford (Columbus DeSales) Sophomore

State 6th: Devin Shaw-Mason (Padua Franciscan) Sophomore

State 8th: Steven Duffy (Woodridge) Junior


1-2 at State: Mack Parsley (Washington CH) Sophomore

1-2 at State: Manny Aller (Tiffin Columbian) Junior


0-2 at State: Ethan Llewellyn (Indian Creek) Sophomore


Steubenville 5th: Ryan Chafins (Beaver Local) Junior

Wilmington 5th: Landon Froehlich (Buckeye Valley) Sophomore


Steubenville 6th: Edgar Mejia-Ramos (New Philadelphia) Junior






State 2nd: Lincoln Shulaw (Columbus DeSales) Sophomore

State 3rd: Eddie Neitenbach (Medina Buckeye) Junior

State 5th: Dickie Engel (Reading) Sophomore

State 7th: Aden Strahler (Vincent Warren) Sophomore

State 8th: Hunter Dietrich (Minerva) Sophomore


1-2 at State: Gabe Morgan (Beaver Local) Junior

1-2 at State: Anthony Kroninger (Jonathan Alder) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Qwintin Hancox (Marlington) Junior

0-2 at State: Zeke Lucas (Ashtabula Edgewood) Junior

0-2 at State: Zach Yordy (Badin) Junior


Garfield Hts. 5th: Jackson Eddy (Alliance) Junior

Steubenville 5th: Cole Porter (West Holmes) Sophomore

Wilmington 5th: Cameron Mockbee (Graham) Junior


Norwalk 6th: Dylan Floyd (Ontario) Junior

Wilmington 6th: Vince Sefic (Dayton Carroll) Sophomore






State 4th: Austin Kovar (Wauseon) Junior

State 6th: Bryce Wheatley (Chardon NDCL) Junior

State 7th: Jace Knous (Wapakoneta) Junior

State 8th: Logan Niceswanger (Morgan) Junior


0-2 at State: Chett Mannier (Graham) Sophomore


Garfield Hts. 5th: Dillon Badiu (Medina Buckeye) Junior


Norwalk 6th: Henry Eggers (Napoleon) Junior

Steubenville 6th: Cole Hines (Gallia Academy) Junior

Wilmington 6th: Muhammad Jallaq (Bexley) Junior






State 1st: Max Shulaw (Columbus DeSales) Junior

State 3rd: Aidan Mozden (Alliance) Junior

State 6th: Jimmy Bechter (Dayton Carroll) Sophomore

State 8th: Marquis Lucas (Linden McKinley) Freshman


1-2 at State: Carter Stack (Dayton Oakwood) Junior

1-2 at State: Jaxon Burcher (Indian Valley) Sophomore


0-2 at State: Ethan Hill (Greenfield McClain) Junior

0-2 at State: Jaden Owens (Goshen) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Landon Campbell (Galion) Junior

Steubenville 5th: Jesse Wood (New Lexington) Sophomore

Wilmington 5th: Paul McKnight (Wilmington) Junior


Norwalk 6th: Grason Bias (Ontario) Junior

Garfield Hts. 6th: Isaac Griffith (Girard) Junior

Steubenville 6th: Michael Henry (Gallia Academy) Junior






State 5th: Jeff Blair (Dayton C-J) Sophomore

State 6th: Dom Kroninger (Jonathan Alder) Junior


1-2 at State: Alex Griffith (Galion) Junior


0-2 at State: Nick Bowser (Hubbard) Junior

0-2 at State: Sean Doyle (Kenston) Junior


Norwalk 5th: Isaac Lehman (Napoleon) Junior

Garfield Hts. 5th: Will Greenberg (Hawken) Sophomore

Steubenville 5th: Garrett Dillon-Rine (New Philadelphia) Junior

Wilmington 5th: Ian Rutherford (Granville) Junior


Wilmington 6th: Connor Bledsoe (Tecumseh) Junior





Most Returning Team Points

1. Graham 143 pts.

2. Medina Buckeye 82 pts.

3. Bishop Watterson 81.5 pts.

4. Columbus DeSales 80.5 pts.

5. Bishop Hartley 39 pts.

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